Mon Armoire: About my Engagement Dress

You’ve been all asking for these pictures for so long already. I have to say that I’ve been highly hesitating on whether or not, I should share these pictures on L’Armoire De Lana…

You must already know that I highly value my personal life so I sometimes find it inappropriate to share it too much. But then again, this time, it’s about a dress and if I don’t share details about it just like any other of my look, well it wouldn’t make sense!

I was blessed to be offered the most beautiful dress by my parents for my engagement cocktail. I have to say that I left the choice to my mother who picked every single detail of my engagement look. I love her sense of style and elegance and I felt like going for her suggestion, which appeared to actually be the right thing to do. I keep on repeating how I grew up highly affected by how she views beauty in things and I believe that this is how I learned how to build my own sense of style.

I love everything about this dress from its very neutral color, to the details of the beadings and the princess cut that I’ve actually never worn before. Moreover, it’s the perfect mix between elegance and a little bit of daring with the upper-cut of the gown.

Thank you Elie Saab for being so excellent at doing what you do, I loved the experience of being able to wear one of your designs, I truly felt like a princess and the whole process of trying on the several stages of the dress was just amazing.

For my makeup, Fady Kataya opted for a purple smokey, which looked particularly beautiful as it’s the color that brings out my eyes’ color the most. Yes, try to go for purple and aubergine if you have green eyes!

I wanted to keep my hair as natural as possible, thank you Tony El Mendelek for the most natural hair waves.

I am wearing: Elie Saab haute couture dress and shoes from A Royal Affair, Fall Winter 2013 collection.

Makeup: Fady Kataya

Hair: Tony El Mendelek

Photography: Candid Image

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Get ready to follow me throughout the journey of preparing and planning my wedding!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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8 Responses

  1. From your make up to your shoes (and of course the dress but that’s a given!) you looked flawless x
    Congratulations on your engagement 😀

    PS Adore the back of the dress and the fact that it’s got pockets too!

  2. dana jaafar

    You look so gorgeous ..
    I really love the details of the dress, i love how a simple dress could look this amazing. It looks great on you .
    You look so stunning Lana, your make up and your hair are simple that’s what makes it amazing, this clearly shows that a person can look amazing and beautiful without trying too hard with the make up and hair 🙂 <3<3

  3. I knew it!….I saw this dress and thought to myself “this is an ellie saab dress” …..and it turned out to be………..one can pin point ellie saab dresses cos of the style…embellishments etc……..
    you looked stunning ….like a young princess…….I love the dress

    i’d be delighted if you check out my blog