The cutest Karlito just went Punk! I’m so excited to be sharing with you the very special Punkarlito capsule collection by Fendi! You all already know that I’m huge fan of the continuous capsule collection releases by Fendi, they add a little twist to all of our outfits!

This time, the collection features very unique small leather goods like wallets, purses, pouches, iPhone and iPad covers. Why did I fall for this collection? Simply because I LOVE black and white and I love how the brand was able to make us feel that Karlito is this little character that we can’t resist! He simply adds life to every item. Love the use of fur mixed with leather and studs, giving these pieces a rock and grungy feel. Everything stays very luxurious and classy. 

The punk mood appears even more through the colored kiddasia fur crest, my heart melts for this shade of pink!

Oh, and have you seen the shoes? Graphic black and white to match your casual daywear as much as your little party leather dresses or your fur vests styled with simple shirts.

01_FENDI Punkarlito Capsule Collection_pouch 02_FENDI Punkarlito Capsule Collection_wallet 03_FENDI Punkarlito Capsule Collection_pochette

Did your heart go #KARLITO crazy too!?

PS: The collection is available to buy on fendi.com and in all FENDI Boutiques worldwide.

Fashionably yours,



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