Marvelous Men: Wear Blazers

A blazer is one of the most important and timeless items in men clothing. Women just love when men wear blazers; especially when the right cut is chosen.

The trend is to go for tightly cut blazers, but you have to make sure it fits your body structure. It canmake you feel uneasy and uncomfortable if you get it wrong.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, men need to have the right blazer pieces in their closets. With Spring and Summer now around; you will need to shop for blazers in lighter shades and made of lighter and comfier fabrics.

Today’s selection is from Zara’s actual collection available in all branches of the world:

Blue tones: definitely one of my favorite colors when it comes to blazers and I also love so many of the existing shades. The ones are gorgeous and they can be styled in tons of ways. The below styling examples are just perfect!

blue tones

Black/White: if you’re more of a classic, black/white blazers are a great alternative. They fit almost everything and you can find them available in a variety of nicely tailored cuts.  

classic black&white

For the most courageous of you all, you can still look for colored blazers like electric blue, emerald green and beige-pink. They’re fab but very difficult to style, so beware!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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