Marvelous Men: How to rock a Black Suit

Here’s a blast from the past! I’ve missed writing in this category; I guess women fashion is driving me completely crazy with the current fashion weeks but my advices for men will become more regularly updated.

As for today, here are quick styling tips by gorgeous men themselves on how to rock tuxedos/black suits for your important nights out.

Marlon Brando (in 1954)

Marlon Brando

Tip: A roll-collar tuxedo is a classic! I personally love how skinny the bow tie is!

Warren Beatty (in 1961)

Warren Beatty

Tip: Fabulous skinny roll-collar with a skinny bow tie and a pleated shirt. Love his hair!

Kevin Costner (in 1990)

Kevin Costner

Tip: Except for the tie, Costner looks exactly like Beatty! The wing-tip tux shirt is the best twist a man can bring to a classical black suit.

Johnny Depp (in 1993)

Johnny Depp

Tip: The double-breasted vest that Johnny is wearing looks really great; especially that it’s fitted. The satin part is so elegant and it’s back  in fashion!

Hugh Grant (in 2001)

Hugh Grant

Tip: At first you might not notice but the velvet bow tie: #WIN #WIN #WIN !!!!!!

Ryan Gosling (in 2006)

Ryan Gosling

Tip: I love the pleated shirt and the black studs add this sexy yet fabulous allure! If you look closer; his jacket lapel is dark blue and it perfectly contrasts the black and white.

One cannot learn but from great examples and I’ve tried to gather few pictures of some of the best dressed men of the oscars through history. Simple but efficient tips!

Last additional tip: Historically, a white tie was considered even more formal than a black tie! This summer, white is IN and you have to embrace this trend.

Girls won’t resist you in such a look!

Fashionably yours,

                               Lana xx

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