Marvelous Men: How to dress for work

As promised, men fashion is strongly back on the blog. Try to keep up with the posts.

This week’s post will be an interesting read to most working men. It might seem easy to dress for work but I’m sure that many of you could use the few below tips: 

Fall is the right moment for rejuvenation. It brings in a new wardrobe stocked with a whole new collection from suits to socks. This post will help you creating a whole new look for yourself and we cannot deny that one of the essentials is the perfect outfit for work.

Keep in mind that layering your attire will also help you creating a sort of dimension in your look. If you’re the courageous type, patterns will work the best. Nevertheless, go for a plain suit/trench if you’re sporting a patterned shirt, or the other way around.

Thank you for AmdMode.com, the first and best online magazine for men fashion for letting me using their content.

Pictures courtesy of: www.amdmode.com

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx

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