Marvelous Men: How to Dress for the Wedding Season

The wedding season is still going on and now stronger than ever, so I was reading few articles online, I thought why not posting about a list of must-haves for the wedding season for you gentlemen.
First, the importance of grooming before a wedding is of a crucial important. 
If you are attending a day-time wedding this season, outdoors or indoors, season trends suggest that you dress in a  bright or colorful formal attire for the wedding. It is your choice if you wish to wear a tie or a bow-tie or not, given the location and the heat. However, for an evening reception, do ensure you wear a tie, or a bow-tie  with your formal outfit. You can never go wrong with the classical style of a dark black or gray suit paired with a pastel colored shirt. Yes, it’s time for you to pair all types of colored pastel shirts with your classic suits!
Credits: AMDmode
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx