Love, revisited

Contribution by: Shoug Al Nafisi

Check the roses and chocolate at the door… I’m talking about something else.


One thing I’ve stressed on in previous writings is the importance of self-evaluation. It really is in the reflective appreciation of your journey – where you celebrate what you’ve made happen, and realize what you can do better – that you learn to love yourself. And that is what should direct the rest of your life. That is where love for all else comes from. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for what you call “love”, then try to check these off your list first:

  1. Learn to love the unique you.

You know what’s wrong with trying to be someone else? They’re already there, and you’ll just be the extra. Your uniqueness is your edge, and what you’re best at. It would be only right to invest in that.

  1. Learn to love the unique other.

People you come into contact with give you a life-enriching opportunity. It’s your loss if you don’t see that.

  1. Love the time you spend.

Appreciate the past, live the present, and imagine your future.

  1. Love the little things.

When you reach a point where you find joy in the little things, you’re certainly capable of seeing love in all that is around you. You’ve arrived!

What precedes love is a state of uncertainty… You only really find love when you stop looking. You’ll know that you’ve found it, when you feel content. A destination at first, love turns into a whole new journey, and if in the right place, a drive that takes you to all the right places. Love starts with you.

A Happy Valentine’s to you.