Love Me Some Burgundy

ing together outfits for fashion weeks. We have very long days, going from a show to a presentation to a show to another meeting, it’s just crazy. Sometimes, we just wakeup feeling for a casual, comfortable yet trendy look. For my first show of the season, I felt like going for an all-black look, very high platform heels with a statement burgundy coat. Added a lot of gold accessories and my grandma’s vintage sunnies for a little twist. Sometimes, all a girl needs is one piece that will make a difference. That day, I needed THE coat.

I am wearing: A Burgundy Chloe coat, a pair of black JessicaK flare pants, Claudine Pierrot black sweater, YSL black pumps, Chloe black purse, Dolce&Gabbana key necklace,”#lanaloves” necklace by L’Atelier Nawbar and a pair of “Sting” vintage sunglasses (my grandma’s :))

Location: Paris, France

Photography: Hana Levan (www.journeyintolavillelumiere.com)

IMG_5305 IMG_5341 IMG_5538 IMG_5299 IMG_5221 IMG_5543

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx