London With Rolls Royce

erience London Fashion Week: we attended Antonio Berardi’s fittings and fashion show and we visited the atelier of Philip Treacy, the world’s most famous hat designer. Both events were very enriching as I got the chance to discover two different world. Antonio Berardi isn’t only one of the most talented ready-to-wear designers, he’s also one of the most modest, down-to-earth and open-minded person I’ve ever met. These are the types of discoveries I love about fashion. As for Treacy, he lives in his own world and honestly, what more surprising that a hat designer’s atelier, especially these days where traditions like that are more rare to find.

After these experiences, we headed to Amberley Castle, a very unique castle hotel located in Sussex, somewhere very close to the Rolls Royce factory. This 900-year old castle is so impressive and I have to admit that it felt very unique to sleep at such a historical address. The last day, we had the chance to take a private tour at the Rolls Royce factory and the little girl in me got so excited to learn more about the craftsmanship of these cars. Honestly, after what we’ve seen, I couldn’t say less than every single Rolls Royce is worth much more than we even think. Being an (almost) handmade car, this engine is luxury because of the several talents that put efforts in bringing together a bespoke creation. It’s an entire world on its own!

The best part was getting the chance to take a closer look at Wraith, fashion-inspired car. This one is black and white with jasmine details, inspired by the monochrome trend and the come back of the pastel yellow. I loved the stitches on the leather of the car seats, details like these are what we can call fashion.

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I want to thank Rolls Royce for having me and the other gorgeous ladies on this trip together, it was a beautiful human discovery first and foremost and it meant a lot to me to get to understand this brand and the product itself. It is definitely not the “bling bling” label but it is bespoke, detailed and attentive to every client’s dearest wishes. Until next time!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx