Le Journal De Lana: Bonjour Londres!


It’s so good to be back! No matter how many times you’ve been to London and how frequent you go, there’s always something new about it. This is why, I’m so in love with this vibrant city. London makes it to my top cities in the world and I’m so glad to be back!

Shortly going back in history, when Queen Victoria started her long reign in 1837, London was the biggest city in the world and THE industrial city of the 19th century. They used to call it the “monster city”, not only due to its huge size but because of all the major developments happening at the same time (omnibus, introduction of the tramway, etc.)  This was just the beginning of the enormous changes with the two world wars, the Thatcher years and the rebuilt of central London. I personally grew up very fond of London and this was specifically due to my avid reading of all Sherlock Holmes stories. Hence, I grew up learning so much about every corner of London without haven’t been there. I wasn’t afraid to be disappointed and when I first visited London, everything looked even more grandiose than in my imaginary mind. However, my favorite part of London is its people. This cosmopolitan town sets the best European example of coexistence, tolerance and open-mindedness. You can never feel as a stranger in London (at least that’s what my personal experience taught me!).


Furthermore, who doesn’t love London’s royal family and all of their very exciting stories. We all grew up fond of Lady Diana and now we’re eager for Kate Middleton’s next move. Last but not least, when it comes to fashion week, the most exciting part about London nowadays is how many rising and debuting designers are making their way in a very successful way, I just love several of them. They bring a little colors to the brands we got used to!

London is a city of extremes by all means, it changes from a day to another (as for the weather, from an hour to an hour, haha!) Yes London, you’re hard to work out but so easy to love!

Now, about the reason why I’m in London this time is: a little bit of work, some vacation and a very new experience that I will now unveil. As you already all know, I’ll be getting married on September 4th 2014. Part of our traditions in Lebanon and the rest of the middle-east, a young lady must do some kind of pre-marital shopping named “jhez”. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this tradition but I’m so excited to be experiencing it. Usually, it’s easer a gift from the girl’s parents or her future husband. The jhez is all about updating a young lady’s closet with a lot of items that will make this closet the perfect one for a married woman. As you can imagine, it starts with lingerie, honeymoon outfits, basics and ends with must-have shoes or/and accessories. It’s very weird for me to be sharing all of these details with you but it’s super exciting so I hope you’ll enjoy this trip with me! I’ll also be working on a couple of projects so stay tuned for these and for more sightseeing and reviews of my top restaurants/cafes/new boutiques.

Now that I’m done with the perfect little breakfast, time to rush to the city’s streets, London is calling baby!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx