L’armoire de Lana through ‘Savoir Flair’s eyes.


One article, & a million layer peeled on the rise of the Middle Eastern fashion blogger Lana El Sahely, as mentioned by Savoir Flair.

“The business of fashion blogging in the Middle East” title sums it all up. The best magazine in fashion, accessories, beauty and culture describes how blogging became a real business in the Middle East, stating how entrepreneurial people like Lana El Sahely forged a full time career from the beautiful practice of sharing their personal experiences and how they became massively successful.

“We have different constraints to deal with; we need to always be careful to draw the line between being fashionable whilst remaining conservative and respectful of the traditions. Also, the Middle East is a huge region, and every country’s audience is completely different from the other, so it’s tricky to find a balance that would make a blog appealing to the entire region”  explains Lana on the importance of preserving the ethics of our region to Savoir Flair.

The magazine then, communicates how bloggers took their online empire from a hobby to a professional business and the steps they followed to be integral in the marketing of the most important brands.

The juicy article ends with a personal advice from Lana El Sahely for all those considering a future career in fashion blogging. So make sure to read all about it on the link below!

The Business of Fashion Blogging in the Middle East

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