Lana covers: ‘Social Media Changing Lives’ Conference

On Friday December 26th, the “Social Media Changing Lives” conference organized by the AUB Online Collaborative took place from noon until around 10pm at the Issam Fares Hall, AUB.

As I’m proudly a member of this students’ group, I was able to participate to the preparations for this big day. We got there very early by around 8AM and had so many things to finalize before people started arriving. The event was a total success and people didn’t stop talking about it yet! One must keep in mind that this huge conference that gathered over 30 speakers from the Arab Community was fully organized by students. People were also lucky to get to discover some of Lebanon’s most Talented Musicians.

Social Media changed my life and this isn’t going to stop. From Facebook to now a massive Tweep and blogger; I found a way of expressing myself. Through Twitter, I was lucky to meet loads of people that now are very good friends and I think that’s the biggest achievement one can reach through the online-world. I’m grateful for now realizing how important this domain is and how much it gave me and will still continue to.

Apart from the organization of the event, I was also lucky to participate to one of the most interesting panels: Social Media for personal use along with Alaa Chehayeb, Aline Chirnian, Rabih El Khodr and Gino Raidy. Here’s a video by @thinkmedialabs quickly summarizing our panel, moderated by Ayman Itani:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bml_qz_PwhY]


I’d like to give a few final words to thank Mohamed, Loulwa, Malek, Jim and the rest of the collaborative for being the real hard work behind the success of the event. So glad to have met you all!

Fashionably yours,

                               Lana xx

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    1. Thank you Raghd!!! I’m glad to have met you and I hope we can all collaborate into more and more successful events later on!! Much love! Lana

    1. Loulwaaaaa habibti, you can’t know how much I’m grateful to have met you all and how much i regret how absent I was from all the meetings this semester!!!! You should also check what Jana blogged about the event http://www.janasketches.wordpress.com ! She’s blogged before me!
      I hope I really helped during the conference!! And I’m ready to give you the craziest yet simple makeup tips whenever you want!!! THank you :$:$

  1. Alexi

    WWWOOOOOOWWWW Lanaaaaa!!! soooo insanely prouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddd of you!!!! you have made such a name for yourself and it is just the tio of the iceberg for you, you are to shine a l’infoulini!!!!