Lana reviews: Nokia N9; Geek in Style

A month ago, I got extremely happy when I’ve received an email from NokiaConnects proposing that I try the Nokia N9 for a period of two weeks. As I immediately accepted the offer, the device was sent to me from London only few days later.

I think I’ve already told you that my favorite color is blue and I love how I ended up receiving the Nokia N9 in Cyan Blue. Exactly what I had wished for as I already knew that the device existed in 3 colors: cyan blue, magenta and black.

I used to be a fervent Nokia lover until I got my first Blackberry device and got hooked up on it a couple of years ago. However, it’s been a while that I’ve been considering switching to another smartphone and Nokia N9′ strong publicity was getting me really intrigued. Nevertheless, I must say that I was extremely surprised when I got to try this device. It is nothing like any Nokia device I’ve ever tried.

Nokia definitely did a great job. As you can see, the shape is very beautiful because the phone doesn’t look like something too square-ish but more like a mix of rigidity with very round-ish corners. It actually feels good to have the device in your hands because it’s not too heavy and at the same time; it doesn’t feel like lighter devices. As I’ve said above, I’ve received the cyan one but the three colors are just gorgeous! And it doesn’t look like something that would go if you scratch it!! And this is a great step ahead.

You will love that device! I've already convinced a great number of people of getting it!

I’m not much of a technological geek but I’m sure that this cellphone has shortcomings as well. However, if I had to judge esthetically wise, I think it’s the most beautiful smartphone developed this year. It’s also worth mentioning that the screen has a 854 x 480 resolution which is the highest ever reached as for Nokia’s smartphones. The colors look amazing and everything is just so beautifully displayed! As for the two cameras, they’re extremely cool to use especially for all persons very fond of pictures. I loved using it for fashion purposes!

The phone follows through with a MeeGo OS, making it super fast to navigate through and more exciting than the iphone with its quirky fun interface. The battery-life is excellent because I’ve extensively used the device and it last more than 35 hours! However, one of the problems that people have been mentioning is the lack of a micro SD card slot especially when other smartphones sometimes present 2 storage choices.

Finally, I must say that I’m the kind who panics every time I have to use a new device and I try to read all of the instructions in order to do it correctly. This time, it felt much more easier. In fact, the user interface is very easy to use and we immediately notice applications that we’re already familiar with; the first contender I have seen to the iPhone, and plus it comes with better colors for fashionistas :p.

I am wearing a Zara peter pan collar top, Massimo Dutti blazer, Paige Jeans, Dior flats and a Chloe cross bag. And the fabulous Nokia N9.

Thank you NokiaConnects !

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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    1. Mohammad Hamza

      ME 2 man , i have an X2-01 Nokia Mobile Damn i would do anything and i mean everything just to try it for only one day