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Good morning everyone! I can’t believe how fast time flies and I’m so happy to finally be back with the new website. The little secret is that we’re going to continue updating it and tweaking little details here and there (without you noticing) in order to perfect it. My goal is to have L’Armoire De Lana running its latest features as well as its versions in French and Arabic by the end of the month of September. Summer has come to an end and we’re all about to be “back to school”. With my wedding coming up in three days (!!!) and my honeymoon plans right after it, it’s not going to be easy to keep track with the blog but it will be daily updated as always. I hope you like our new interface, I have more new features that I will launch during the second week of October and I’m sure you’re going to love them. The idea is to have L’Armoire De Lana constantly growing, gradually, slowly but surely. Enjoy the ride with me!


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  1. Nina

    Congratulations for your new blog Lana. I discovered you on Instagram and liked your universe. Keep entertaining us!
    Kisses from Paris