Lana Polls: Which Marion Cotillard August cover do you prefer?

Marion Cotillard is my favorite French beauty, this is why I cannot but share with you these latest news. For August 2012, we’re lucky enough to see her on THREE magazines’ covers!

For Vogue US , Marion is looking fresh faced, natural, flawless! I love how she’s wearing velvet, it kinds of starts to put us in the Fall mood.

Vogue US – August 2012

On another hand, she is also posing pretty on the Marie Claire UK issue. Pink suits her skin tone so well and I just adore it when he hair is curled this way. Her pose is a true delight!

Marie Claire UK – August 2012

As for Vogue Paris, the close up on her face is a genius idea! The make up is so glamorous and she’s looking stunning. I love how her eyes’ color is so beautifully enhanced.

Vogue France – August 2012

Three very different and fabulous shoots… but which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear your thoughts and see the results of this first poll on L’Armoire De Lana!

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Fashionably yours,

                           Lana xx

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1 Response

  1. alors j’explique mon choix. they are all ravishing astonishing very marion like but if a choice has to be made, it goes for number 1!
    number 2 is just her, the french classic girl with a flair of romanticism, which I love but that doesn’t bring something new to the picture,
    number 3 she looks WOW-y but this will be everyone’s favorite as the colors are truly beautiful and it goes really well with the theme of the magazine (which I am buying haha) buuut we have already seen a very similar close up of her when we were together (bristol) so for some it could be deja-vu which leaves us with number 1 simply perfect! she looks a tiny bit aristocratic but at the same time quite close – personal I LOVE it it gives the feeling that you can’t reach her but at the same time it looks like she has a lot to say love love love! the colors are gorgeous and it suits so well with the coming fall 🙂