Lana’s Journal: Let’s Overcome Sunday Night Blues :D

Sunday night blues or the sunday night depression is a condition that was proved to affect most people, especially “anxious workers”. Being an extremely stressed person sometimes, I find myself highly affected by this “syndrome”, especially during the last hours of the weekend. There’s this certain anxiety about the week ahead and a sense of complete helplessness that takes over me. However, I’ve recently found my way out! The key is to keep myself busy throughout Sunday evening until bed time.  Usually, I chose to go grab a cup of coffee with my close friends right after lunch, or exercise, study, work..anything that could keep me busy! In fact, I’ve trained myself to accept the fact that it’s ok to have nothing to do and on the contrary, to make these hours relaxing (and why not productive).

I also remember reading a philosopher once (I can’t recall his name!!) and he described this situation as being completely normal because apparently, studies have shown that this feeling occurs because there’s the “end” of something and the start of something new. I loved that argument and it actually made me give it a thought!

I am not writing this post on a sunday night to depress you, on the contrary, I felt like discussing something that I’m sure you share..now here are my small tips on how to overcome it:

1. It starts by realizing that what you are feeling is not uncommon!

2. Think about the week ahead, plan it, fix your objectives.

3. Take care of yourself: for example, you could pamper yourself with a warm bath, a deliciously healthy meal or watch your favorite movie with your best-friend/family.

4. Tackle the reasons behind the blues..do you like your job? are you allocating enough time per week-day to take care of your body? Have you been exercising to take away the stress?

5. Fix a new activity for your sunday evenings, in my opinion, you should exercise/dance/listen to music/spend time with your families/catch up with your best-friend or even catch up on late work dues!


Now that you’re done reading this post, get moving: plan your week ahead, watch an episode from your favorite series and get a good night sleep for a productive week!

Fashionably yours

Lana xx

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