I want to dream..

Let me start this post by wishing you all a very happy Eid. I want to wish you HEALTH, before anything else because I believe it’s the most valuable gift in life. For the past few weeks, the Arab World has been going through a lot; not that it hasn’t been the case previously but atrocities have been reaching extremes. I’m sure many of you have noticed my silence about it. I hate being outspoken about my political stands because I always try to send you positive vibes and reflect on genuinely beautiful things. That said, with this Eid, I want to dream. I want to dream of peace, I want to hope for better days and I want to already love a happiest future.

On a side note, since this little journal is always the link between you and I, I have few updates to share with you. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’m trying to update the blog as much as I can, given that I’m getting married in less than forty days already. It hasn’t been easy to juggle between different projects, a lot of editorial work, planning my wedding, setting up a new house and getting ready for a new life. On the psychological side, this is too much to handle just at once but I’m doing GREAT, thank God (not that I’m not being a Bridezilla, hahaha).

photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth - July 2014

photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth – July 2014

I want to take this moment to reveal to you that the new website of L’Armoire De Lana is about to be launched on Monday August 11th 2014 Yes, after four months of hard-work and thanks to my creative agency The Creative Nine, it’s finally coming out. The identity is the same but the navigation is simplified and there are several new features that are much more interactive and interesting. A few weeks after the relaunch of the website, we will be launching two other versions of the blog: one in Arabic and one in French FINALLY! I’ve been working on this for almost a year and they are ready to be revealed during the last week of August/the first week of September, are you ready? We’re going GLOBAL. 

With all of these changes coming up, I have decided to be entirely focusing on my blog, especially that my wedding is also taking a lot of my time. Hence, I have put to a term my styling projects with celebrities at the moment, for a least a couple of months I have decided to put on a break my AMAZING collaboration with Nancy Ajram as well as the other celebrities I might come across because of the huge work load On a personal level, I really want to work on developing the editorial side of my blog, it’s my baby and I don’t want to be neglecting it.

I like to do things perfectly and I believe that it’s important not to handle too many things so that I can be able to do everything I do in the most perfect way. However, be sure I’m coming back with a lot of celebrities’ styling projects with Nancy and more personalities starting October. It’s something I just can’t resist.

Get ready for a very colorful ride on #larmoiredelana. Wish me good luck!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx