Hard to say it

The countdown has officially started and I’m getting closer to the complete life change that’s coming my way. Tonight, the only reason I’m writing is because my schedule is getting more tiring by the second and I actually need my little diary to leave few thoughts here and there. Thoughts that I know will be read by a number of people but thoughts I will hopefully not have to discuss with anyone. I love my blog, it’s like a door that actually opens up every time I write but yet completely closes once my articles are read. What I mean here is actually how every blog post is a little story that doesn’t necessarily need a continuity. I want this one to stop with the last word I write..

Some things in life are very hard to say. I often deliberately decide not to even think about the little facets that horrify me. It was very hard at the beginning but now it’s like a small exercise that I impose on myself. If I keep on caring about every single detail, I’m going to end up with a entirely wrinkled face when I’ll only be 35 (hahaha). On the other hand, I also believe that once something is said it’s actually out there and easier to tackle. But should these fears we have be propelled out there? A dilemma we (or at least I, for sure) will forever be dealing with.


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx