Lana’s Journal: 10 Reasons Why My Sister is a SUPERHERO

Here’s a little tribute to my one and only sister, my sweetest Cerina. I don’t want to sound too cheesy and dramatic so I tried to compile the top 10 reasons why she’s a superhero, MY superhero!

I have to start by saying that I’m blessed to always have her by my side. I know a lot of very close sisters around me but I have to say that we are lucky to have grown up together, raised by the most amazing mom, always keeping us close and respectful towards each others. I hope we will always protect this relationship.

A little secret I want to share with you all is that my sister and I still share the same bedroom up until today! Now, that’s hilarious I know!

Cerina, thank you for being the little clown who makes me laugh when I cry, the severe mother when I need your screaming to adjust my behavior, the best-friend who’s ready to go on the craziest adventure and my fashion stylist/savior in times of emergencies. I will cherish you (and your closet) forever! hahahaha! 

TAL1 659

1. She never hesitates to speak her mind.

2. She will drop her original plans to come to my rescue.

3. Her sense of humor is super witty.

4. She’s always ready for the craziest adventures.

5. She’s always here to protect me against the bullies of the world.

6. She’s someone I can always rely on.

7. She never holds back from letting people know how ridiculous they can actually be.

8. She lets me use her closet for emergency situations.

9. She makes sure to scream on me whenever needed (and thank you for that).

10. And my world would be lost without her superpowers!

Truly blessed to have you my Cerina, may God bless us always united against the world! InshAllah

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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4 Responses

  1. Donna

    That’s so sweet. You really look like you have a lovely family and sisters are a blessing. God bless you both.