Fashion News: Versace for H&M, Shoppers go wild and website crashes!

As I’ve announced last week, yesterday was the official worldwide launching of the Versace for H&M winter collection. In Lebanon, the collection was released in 4 of the H&M brands and it was sold out in less than 1h30!! The stores opened at 8AM and by 10Am, nothing was left!! I was very disappointed that I couldn’t attend this “battle” but I unfortunately had a full day at university.

In towns like Dubai and Bejing, the H&M stores sold out of the entire collection in under 30 minutes with many pieces immediately arriving on eBay few minutes later.

As for London, many shoppers spent the night queuing on the pavements outside and the hysteria at 9am was incredible. The crows went completely crazy as they got access to the items.

Donatella Versace herself made an appearance at London’s Regent St store to welcome her fans,a nipped-in version of Versace x H&M pink leather dress and a studded leather coat from the range.

Online, H&M’s website crashed under the demand as thousands tried to log on simultaneously. A spokesperson for the store took to Twitter to apologize for ‘technical problems’, saying they were ‘working hard to solve them.’

I’m sure you wish you were on of the women on the below picture!

Here are more pictures of the collection, the clothes are really gorgeous:

Can’t wait to get my hand on one of these!!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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