Lana recommends: Pearls for the festivities

An unknown author once said, “the pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens”. That exactly summarizes the idea I wanted to start with. I strongly believe pearls and diamonds are the strongest embellishments a woman would ever be lucky to wear. But unlike any other stone, a pearl comes in the form it was initially found.

Pearls exist in great varieties of colors and sizes and each one can differently express a woman’s character and beauty. Sabine Mazloum grew up in a family of rich heritage in jewelry; this is why it is not by coincidence that she decided in 2000 to enter that beautiful domain. Sabine definitely conquered the wide and complex world of pearls by becoming a Pearl Specialist. After graduating, she traveled a lot to look for the most original pearls and today she proposes to you a very large selection from Tahiti, Australia, China and Japan at very competitive prices.

A pearl means elegance and a very acquired taste. Christmas is only few days away and I know that most of you are still hesitating about the perfect presents for the ones you love. This is why L’Armoire De Lana comes in today with a superb selection of Sabine Mazloum’s gorgeous designs. This is just a quick look for you all and you definitely must pass by the boutique to discover more of her extremely refined pieces!

These items are currently available at the boutique and I think they’re just perfect ideas; especially if you you’re still looking for great ideas of present for a very dear friend or your mother for example. Prices start at $70.

Bague coquillage et perle (ring with made of a gorgeous shell and pearls)

Bracelets cuir et perles (bracelets in leather with pearls)

3 rings with pearls, amber, agatha and wood

Bague perle baroque (Baroque ring with pearls)

Bagues en corne et perles (gorgeous rings in the shape of a flower with pearls)

Boucles feuilles en argent et perles (Earrings in the shape of silver leaves with pearls)

Voila voila! Hurry up; these are designs not to be missed!

Store Location:

Melrose Building, Bab Idriss, Downtown Beirut.

Tel/Fax: +961 997373

Email: [email protected]


Facebook page here

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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