Lana recommends: Hania Husami’s Paintings

Hania Husami is a very dear friend to my mother who I had the pleasure to meet few weeks ago. Hania is a very dedicated wife and mother who has a great passion for fashion and all types of art. She grew up in a family where writing, drawing and painting were something of the usual.

Today, I am featuring Hania as the talented painter that she is right here on L’Armoire De Lana. On Monday, I went to a display of her paintings that is actually taking place in Beirut Souks. This exhibition of her work started on December 15th 2011 and will be continuing until January 15th 2012.

Hania Husami's paintings exhibition

Hania Husami

I want you to discover through my blog Hania’s creations and really encourage you to go check out her work. Furthermore, Christmas is only 24h away and I’m sure most of you are still lost about what to get to your beloved ones. Hania’s paintings are sold are very competitive prices; starting at $100. It would be an amazing idea to surprise your mothers with a beautiful painting for example.

Quick look at few of the exhibited pieces

Since her young age, Hania used to draw using charcoal and paint with aquarel but it stayed as a hobby until she decided to enter the Akron University in Ohio, USA to complete a formation in Technical Drawing from 1990 till 1992. Then, in 2004, her husband, famous surgeon Tarek Husami, really encouraged her to exhibit in Faraya. This was a coincidence that got very serious as Hania’s talent was quickly recognized by the public. Since then, Hania continued to exhibit until she presented her first private collection in 2010.

I couldn’t but ask Hania about when does she feel inspired to paint and I’ve learned that she usually does in the morning but when she has a scheduled selection to present, she always starts with researching, putting down her ideas and organizing a timetable. She needs order and organization to create and I love that!!

Hania posing with her paintings, I asked her to stand next to her favorite ones. On the floor, the black and white one is a creation of her daughter Lynn

For a month, in Beirut Souks, right next to Duncan Donuts on the 2nd floor, you can discover a very varied selection of Hania’s work that really shows an evolution of her style. In fact, this exhibition presents some her previous and recent creations. When I was looking at her great paintings, I could see how Hania went from drawing flowers and nature until experiencing movements and real scenes in her paintings. Now, she has her own signature in creating a piece of art with an abstract use of colors.

Hania’s abstract interpretation of an angel

If you look very well at this one, you will recognize the representation of a woman's body

The blue ones are my favorite paintings!!

After this exposition, Hania will continue on working on her coming private collection that will be exposed starting June 27th 2012 at Pieces Uniques in Saifi Village, Beirut.

Be also ready to check out her website that she will soon launch with an option of online selling.

For more information:

[email protected]

Fashionably yours

                                Lana xx

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