Lana recommends: DIET TIPS before the festive season

Christmas break means travels, family reunions, love, relaxation, big gatherings for extremely yummy meals and the list goes on! I don’t know about you all but I always panic at the beginning of the month of December and I try to control my eating habits and exercise more so that I can allow myself having more dessert on Christmas.

Here are few very useful tips that you have to stick to for the coming 2 weeks:

1) Drink a lot of water and avoid sodas and other full of sugar beverages.

2) When you feel that you’re hungry, stop for a minute and think it through. Sometimes, you are simply thirsty, being nervous or reacting out of boredom.

3) Stop all snacks after 5pm, unless it’s a fruit. If you’re really craving something, then try to go for something below 150 calories.

4) Try to have proteins at every meal: white cheese (labne or yogurt or light goat cheese, etc.) in the morning, any grilled meat/chicken/fish etc. for lunch and a salad with proteins for dinner.

5) Add more flavor to your food: if you want to enjoy your meals more, then try to add spices, lemon or natural herbs as these will enhance the taste of your food without adding more calories to your meal.

6) Always start slow when dieting because this is the only way of setting achievable goals. You also have to believe in the success of what you’re doing.

7) Think smaller portions! That’s the key tip!! Our stomach quickly gets used to a better and healthier amount of food.

8 ) Follow up with your weight on a weekly basis. For example, you can chose to do so every monday. It is important to be aware of what’s going on with your body.

9) Avoid activities such as watching TV as it would only increase your craving for snacks and unnecessary meals.

10)  Be physically active. I know you don’t have enough time but a minimum of 30 minutes per day is enough. Even if it means walking the dog out or shopping for groceries!

*Please keep in mind that these are tips I’ve written down myself and that I always adopt.

Fashionably yours,

                                       Lana xx

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