Lana Talks To: Yasmin Yusuf, Miss Selfridge Creative Director

Courtesy of Miss Selfridge, I was very delighted to be invited to an exclusive preview with Miss Selfridge’s Creative Director, Yasmin Yusuf in Dubai on September 23rd. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it but was able to schedule a phone interview with Miss Yasmin Yusuf. 

Lana: Good morning Yasmin!! I’m really sorry that I’m not with you today for the event but I’m glad to be able to talk right now.

Yasmin: Lana, thank you! Don’t worry about it, we will keep you all updated about this preview!

Lana: If you could describe the main feel of Miss Selfridge Dubai in-store selection for Fall/Winter 2012, what would you say?
Yasmin: This collection is one of my favorites so far because it really is made for the glamorous and confident modern girl. There are 3 very definite moods/trends in this collection: Baroque (a lot of black, gold, red, white and very strong designs), Gothic (pretty much the new nude, some black, leather, studs and lace) and the Pretty princess (very specific to Miss Selfridge with a lot of pearls and light pink hues)..


Lana: That sounds really nice, I can’t wait to see the pictures! Do you have any favorite pieces from this winter collection?

Yasmin: I must say this is a very glam collection and pretty fast forward because the key trends are reinvented in a certain way. I have this little something for the gothic pieces because I personally wear a lot of black..there’s also this very pretty white maxi dress!

Miss Selfridge goes gothic

Lana: We also heard that you’re presenting today the holiday collections. Anything special in particular?
Yasmin: The pretty princess trend is the main one for Christmas because it includes a lot of white and neutral hues.

the pretty princess designs

Lana: With Dubai being a fashion hub for the region, what would best describe it or set it apart from other fashion capitals?
Yasmin: Believe it or not, it’s my first trip to Dubai. I’ve been here for 14 hours only and I really like it. The sunshine, the amazing buildings, restaurants and these malls really hold the best of everything in a small environment.
Lana: Dubai is know for grassroots designers, why do you think that, and how do you think Miss Selfridge’s brand would cater to their inspiration?
Yasmin: As I don’t really know the Dubai fashion market, I cannot answer the first part of your question but I can say that this in-store collection really holds in a lot of upgraded glam and a lot of embellishments that can definitely inspire many designers.
Lana:  As a fashion lover and specialist, what are the main trends you’re looking forward the most for this coming season?
Yasmin: Definitely the new vision of glam with black, gold, lace and leather. It’s like rock and roll glam.
Lana: In three words, how would you describe your personal style?
Yasmin: I would say very sophisticated with a lot of black, vintage pieces, loads of layers and always heels.
Lana: What are your views on fashion blogs? And do you follow any?
Yasmin: Fashion blogs are very interesting to follow up with. These bloggers have changed the way people look at things and the fact that they are so real makes others look up to them. I think it’s a great way to success and we must not forget that some of them are writers while others are designers so there’s this daily contact creates updated content that everybody goes to. Even myself!
Lana: That was a really good talk! Thank you for your call and you should definitely visit Beirut sometimes!
Yasmin: My pleasure and I’d really love to!
Fashionably yours,
                           Lana xx

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