Couple of months ago, I had the great pleasure to meet Michael David, the genius designer behind Mishka-Piaf, an american jewelry brand focused on vintage marvels through a very modern approach. Discover more about him and the brand through the below interview..

Michael David

L: Good evening Michael, it’s always a pleasure talking to you and I can’t help but smile when remembering that fun afternoon we had in Zaytouna Bay during your stay in Beirut. How much did you enjoy Lebanon?

D: Lana the day was amazing I still tell my friends about how beautiful the atmosphere and company was. After Leaving Lebanon I actually felt sad and consider it one of my top countries I have visited… who knows perhaps even a seasonal living place in the future.

L: That now said, will your brand be available anytime soon in Lebanon or other Middle-East countries? If yes, where please?

D: Yes my trip to the Middle East was a success. I first flew to Amman, Jordan and the brand will be carried at “For The Love Of Vintage” and “Roupi” located in the Four Seasons Hotel. Then I flew to Lebanon and I have one store named “Pastel” which will be receiving a shipment in July. My final destination was Dubai which was a bit on the tricky side but I have received an approval of my new collection to be carried at “S*uce”.

L: We’ve introduced your brand on L’Armoire De Lana and everyone is very excited to learn more about it. Any words about your AW13 collection? What inspired you?

D: Well this is very exciting! I started creating jewelry about 3 years ago. I stumbled upon a company that was manufacturing St. John accessories. There ,I offered my hands and brain in creating and producing a few of their staple pieces. Ever since then I learned what I needed, and pushed to launch “Mishka Piaf” which is my family nickname and my favorite French singer name (Edith Piaff) combined. As far as my AW13 collection is concerned, all I can say for now, is that it is extremely symbolic and takes literal forms from fantasy ideas.

L: What would be your advice for women for Spring Summer 2012?

D: My advice for women for Spring 2012 would be to wear mixed metals and pieces using vintage as a recreation. I also have a collection of Resin Jewelry that you must check out as it is perfect for the heat since most pieces are of very light weight.

L: We know you’re used to work with A-list celebrities. Any funny anecdote you can tell us about?

D: As far as working with my A-list clients I think the funniest thing is when meeting in person for the first time. Many times I have seen photos of them but in person some can be a lot smaller or larger then you would think by just looking at a photo, so many times I would have to make sure to bring double pieces in two very different sizes, haha!

L: Is there any scoop/big project that you can exclusively give us a sneak peek about exclusively to L’Armoire De Lana?

D: Well, I am currently working on a few big photoshoots here and in London for the cover of a fashion magazine featuring a world famous super model and am also collaborating with designers who are presenting for New York Fashion Week.

 L: Will we be seeing you in Beirut again?


D: I really do hope so!!! I had such a lovely time and I actually spoke with a photographer saying I want to do a photo-shoot there. So hopefully soon! In the meanwhile, my collections are all available on my website

L:Thank you for your time Michael and we cannot wait to have more of Mishka-Piaf on our blog!!

D: The pleasure is mine Lana! See you soon!

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx