Lana Talks To: Christiane Hajjar

1)     Good morning Christiane. It’s good to have you on L’Armoire De Lana today. Let me start by asking you: what’s the real challenge you encountered when you founded Imag’in?
The biggest and the most important challenge was to show the importance of Image in Lebanon and in the region, knowing that back in 2004 Image Consulting was still unheard of in the industry.

It took a while to “educate” people and make them aware of how much Image in the smallest details is essential on personal, social and professional levels.
2)     The new season has kicked in. What are your favorite trends for Spring Summer 2013?
Every season has its hits, what I prefer for this spring/summer 2013 trends are the bold prints but then again as I always say everyone should know how to use the season’s trends to highlight his/her own personal style. That is by making sure to respect your personality, your body shape and the occasion.
3)     How important do you think hair is when it comes to the person’s image?
Hair is one of the main elements of every person’s image, whether it is cut short, medium length or long, hair should stay neat and healthy. No matter what a woman wears or does for her appearance, if she doesn’t look after her hair she will not be at her best! Healthy hair is the base of an impeccable image and self-confidence.

Women often encounter interruptions caused by dandruff and itch. This is why I highly recommend using Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner with eucalyptus extract because it relieves the scalp from itch, instantly. With its mild effect on the scalp, it will leave hair refreshed and looking healthy and beautiful. So unlike the myth that Head & Shoulders dries hair, the regiment actually enables women to have nice moisturized looking hair while taking care of their scalp.
4)     Do you have any hairstyle icon?
Yes I have a few; the first is Sharon Stone for her stylish short hair that reflects her personality, and the second is Beyonce for her ever-changing trendy looks.

5)     What are your favorite hairstyles for this season?
I find the threads and the loose up-dos very feminine and they convey a natural and a graceful look.

6)     What is your ONE tip for Lebanese women to achieve beautiful hair?
Maintain a healthy scalp! Just like our skin, hair is exposed to many aggressions: water, sun, pollution and stress.  Therefore we should not care any less for its maintenance than we do so for skin. The best form of hair care is that which starts from the scalp, and this is why I recommend using the new Head &Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner with every wash, which is designed specifically for females. You must not wait until your scalp dries out and gets dandruff to use it, the new Head & Shoulders regimen can be used daily to prevent these scalp problems.  Followed up with the Hammam Cream, it is the perfect regimen to achieve healthy, beautiful hair.

7)     Do you read fashion blogs? If yes, which. Or are you more of a magazine person?
Yes, l’Armoire de Lana, I still enjoy magazines a lot.

8)     How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine, elegant and sometimes edgy: just like me.

9)     About hair again, have you always been a short-hair lover? Does it influence your character in any way?
I have had short hair for the past 18 years. I think it reflects my character and not the other way. Again, the most important thing to consider is not its length but style, not to forget that a hairstyle should reflect your personality, suit your face shape and of course the image you want to reflect. I just love my hair, and invite all women to embrace theirs, naturally.

10)  Last but not least, if you could say one thing about image to L’Armoire De Lana’s blog readers, what would you say?
Always look for your own personal style, be yourself no matter what your age, height and size. Just be unique.

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx