Beauty: Olivia Palermo for Rochas’ new scent

Les Cascades de Rochas, Eclat d’Agrumes is the latest Rochas’ fragrance. It is all about a very mediterranean combination of scents and flavors and it was inspired by how a Parisian fountain looks like in the summer.

The campaign was shot by Camilla Akrans at the fountain outside of the Palais Royal in Paris and it features the fabulous Olivia Palermo. This is not her first fashion campaign but it is her first fragrance ad. I think she looks absolutely stunning and she definitely should be chosen for more beauty campaigns.

I love the colors of the ad; all about light coral pinks and nude tones. Her makeup is particularly nice. Unfortunately, I don’t see it reflecting the idea of a mandarin scent.

Olivia Palermo for Rochas' new scent

The scent will debut exclusively at Marionnaud in France this coming week before spreading to the rest of Europe in July.

Any thoughts about the campaign?

Fashionably yours, 

                                 Lana xx

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2 Responses

  1. Les Cascades de Rochas, Eclat d’Agrumes! This is quite a mouthful for a fragrance not to mention the hard pronunciations. The name for this new Rocha fragrance caught my attention and this is actually the reason why I would like to try it out. I hope it smells nice though, and I am looking forward to its launch.