Lana reviews: Kate Moss for Rag&Bone

Rag&Bone’s first ad campaign is out and this is why I’ve chosen to write about it in this section today. These pictures feature Kate Moss in Rag&Bone Fall 2012 collection. The campaign was shot in Kentish town (Northe London) by Craig McDean.

I just love when Kate smiles, the whole picture changes! She looks even more stunning and it ads warmth to the image..

I like this campaign because I think it reflects very well the essence of the brand itself. The vision of Rag&Bone is to make clothes that people would “love to wear everyday” and it all started with the founders learning about how to make jeans. Thus, I think it’s a great start for a first campaign.

The first picture with Kate in black shorts, a white tee and that jacket makes it so easy for us to identify ourselves to such a brand because she looks so relaxed and comfortable. I think Kate Moss is the best choice they could have made.

N.B: For all Beirut residents, this brand is available at Aishti department stores.

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx



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