Lana reviews: How It Works on TheFancyBid.com

This genius website has finally been launched! I love the concept behind THE FANCY BID and I think it’s THE most innovative one in terms of e-commerce in the region so far!

Personally, I love a little adrenaline and this website makes the entire shopping experience more fun. It’s like a little battle behind our computer screens!


To make it easier for you all, here’s a short post about how to use the website, you will see that it’s extremely easy to do so.

1. First, you need to register on the website using your email.

2. Then, proceed to buying bid packages, you will find different prices and I’m sure there’s at least one option that suits you most.

3. Go to the “Live Auctions” page and browse the available offerings (all AUTHENTIC and NEW pieces..)

4. The bidding starts at $0 (wow!) and the countdown is on. Each time a bid is placed, the auction goes on by ONLY 1 cent! (I mean this is incredible..)

5. Remember that when you bid, you’re in the lead unless someone out-bid you. And of course, the winner of the auction is the last person who bids as the countdown ends!

6. Make sure to follow the simple checkout process if you’re the lucky winner!

Here’s a video with more details on how it works on The Fancy Bid:

Now, hurry up and log into www.thefancybid.com 

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“Happy bidding” :)))

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx