Lana reviews: Fady Kataya’s makeup

I’m always excited on trying most of the beauty institutes in Beirut. This time, I had my heart set on getting pampered by Fady Kataya’s very own touch. I really like his work but never got the chance to try his makeup. 

Last weekend, I’ve decided to go for it. First, I have to say that I love the lounge and the makeup room where Fady works. I sat on the most comfortable chair with my legs raised up and had a bandeau put so that my hair doesn’t come down on my face.

After having Mayssoun put some light foundation, Fady came in. I had the best hour, he’s so much fun to talk to and yet so calm and focused. What I liked the most is that Fady was really attentive to what I like as we started with him asking me what colors I usually love and if there’s any type of makeup that I usually like. Based on that, he creates what he finds fit for me.

We went for a very natural brown smokey, I was particularly in love with the shades he used. He went for many brown hues and yet the final result is so harmonious. I loved the natural lipstick and the BEST part was how my cheeks were glowing without being  full of shimmers. A success!

What are your thoughts about this makeup?

For more information about Fady Kataya’s beauty lounge, please call: +961 1 343404

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx

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