Lana reviews: Dali Cosmetics Nail Polish

Last month, I’ve introduced to you all on the Facebook page, the Lebanese makeup brand “Dali”. It’s not a new brand and am sure many of you might have already heard about it so the reason why I decided to talk about it now is that they’ve recently renewed all the formulas of their products. Some of you might already love the brand but many others might have gotten a wrong idea about the quality of what Dali Cosmetics has to offer. Believe me on that, their products rock! I’m recently addicted to their blushes, nail polishes and eyeliners. Today, I’m sharing with you pictures of one of their Fall Winter 2012 nail polish that I’ve recently tried on. The color is extremely nice and it stay almost a week on my nails, which is the average of most international brands.
Stay tuned for more from Dali Cosmetics soon!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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