Lana reviews: “Coco blue”, a Chanel blue nail polish

It’s been far too long without a nail polish review on L’Armoire De Lana! So what better than some Chanel action to get back into the swing of things??

Coco Blue should be described as the perfect shade of a cloudless blue sky. It’s very nice to see how it has a glossy finish while maintaining a very creamy look. This bottle was released among the limited edition “Les Jeans de Chanel” collection. This trio of denim-inspired blue nail polishes were released for Vogue’s 2011 Fashion Night Out.

 After fighting the temptation tons of times before, I succumbed few weeks ago. It is by far my favorite light
blue nail polish! 
As this bottle is sold out in most regions of the world, I’ve gathered the below as very close shades to it: 

Essie 'Barbados Blue' nail polish

Orly "Snowcone" nail polish

China Glaze "Bahamian Escape"

The Orly one is the closest to “Coco Blue” but all of these nail lacquers have great summery shades of blue..

Fashionably yours,
                            Lana xx

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    1. Hey Dana!! As I live in Beirut and don’t have enough knowledge about Dubai, I’m not very sure about that but I can definitely encourage you to check Faces and Harvey Nichols, I’m pretty sure they might have them !