Lana reviews: Chapeau bas for Saint Laurent Paris

I’m sure most of you already heard that Hedi Slimane is the designer that has been chosen for Yves Saint Laurent RTW. In case you haven’t, his name was everywhere in the newspapers couple of months ago when they rebranded with a new logo: Saint Laurent Paris. I must admit I felt outraged about that and was expecting the worse.

But he did it!!! What a gorgeous collection. When they ask me what’s your favorite brand, I say YSL (Saint Laurent Paris now:p) and now I’m sure this is not going to change.

I loved the wide-brimmed hats and the very feminine silhouettes from the super skinny pants to the gorgeously tailored jackets (the shoulders!!). I was surprised by the chiffon dresses and the ruffle blouses that I also really liked and the whole feel was very 1970s glam-rock. Excellent!

Last but not least, Slimane was able to conserve all of Saint Laurent’s basics while making us feel completely different things about each single look. I can’t wait for next summer!!!

Fashionably yours,

                             Lana xx

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