Lana reviews: Chanel à Versailles

Oh yes you’ll never stop to impress me Karl Lagerfeld! I don’t think Chanel could have chosen any better location to showcase their 2013 resort collection. The weather was perfect, spring at its peak with a hint of summer at the doors. The setting is incomparable, Versailles’ gardens are one of our world’s marvels. I’ve visited them so many times and I can’t seem to get over their beauty.

After twelve months of preparing this show, we must say Karl should be proud. In a France now socialist, he has proved himself a master of this high-low hybrid in recent times.

About the fashion: lightness of fabrics and girly flair were the main themes. Watercolor florals, ice cream shades but also a lot of items that perfectly reflected the frivolity of Versailles and its history. It’s no surprise as Lagerfeld said he wanted something floating and frivolous, he even said after the show “Frivolity is a healthy attitude.”

About the beauty: very accentuated pink blush on the models’ cheeks and colorful wigs as the sole hairstyle.

I am particularly in love with the blue and the gold tweed, the delicate florals, the bold necklaces and the gold sneakers!

As for Karl, he ended the show as usual and looking just like a member of Louis XIV’ courts with his scotland print shirt and tuxedo jacket. I particularly loved his shoes!

Too creative? I just love how it’s never enough with Lagerfeld for Chanel!! What do you think about the collection?

Fashionably yours, 

                                 Lana xx

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