Lana reviews: Basil Soda Haute Couture Wedding Dress, F/W’13

I think you’ve all noticed that I’m very much of an Haute Couture lover. Some people qualify themselves as closer to pret-a-porter but if I ever was a designer, haute couture would definitely be my thing.

I check (almost) all the haute couture collections of every season, especially the Lebanese designers ones. Basil Soda is a great creator that I particularly have affection for, because his work is different: from the architectural lines in his dresses to the use of different materials and fabrics, I am in awe. 

Today, I simply want to talk about his haute couture wedding dress that was revealed as part of his Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection in Paris last month.

I need to justify my choice of course. What I really like about this dress is first the shade of white that was picked, nothing too snow-like and nothing too beige. Secondly, the different levels of volume created with the fabrics are something worth a note. I just love the flow of this dress.

What makes it particularly rich and beautiful is the embroideries used. Basil mixed pearls with studs and with little sort of plastic circles. And there’s so much harmony! 

I love how the sheer trend is what we catch the most out of this dress on the catwalk. None of us would wear it this way but one should bear in mind that on runways, things need to appear more dramatical..and this is what I love about fashion!

Last but not least, the use of lace in the upper part of the dress and on some of the skirt parts, give the dress a more romantic side and thus completing it as a wedding dress.

I don’t know what you really think about it but although this might not be a dress I would personally wear on my wedding, it stays a unique piece and I’d love to see it on someone. I find it perfect as a fashion creation..

Fashionably yours,

                             Lana xx

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