Lana reviews: Alexander McQueen SS12 Campaign

Few days ago, Alexander McQueen released their Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign featuring Zuzanna Bijoch, a polish model.  This campaign was photographed by David Sims, a very talented British fashion photographer.

When I first looked at these pictures, I perceived that they definitely reflect McQueen’s distinctive style: from the feel that the ad creates to the clothes themselves. Some of you might say that it’s a deja-vu from the brand but in my humble opinion, this one has something quite different especially in the way the fabrics and the colors come out. I almost felt I was touching the dresses; which is wonderful!

The model on the below picture looks like a typical McQueen creation! His quirky style portrays her as a devilish angel and her bloodstained dress gives her an aura of a warrior princess! Especially with the halo behind her head in the ad.

As for this second picture, it definitely is my favorite. This very strong color comes to give something different to this ad, warm fluidity in contrast with the stiff postures of the model. I also love this sort of embroidered bracelet and rings combination on the hand of the model.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to how much work was put on altering the colors of these ads by reminding you of the initial colors of these creations. As you can see below, the true shades are closer to tangerine! I personally love the colors on the below picture more than the ones on the ads but I definitely support the changes made to strengthen the campaign.

What do YOU think about this campaign!?

Fashionably yours,

                                  Lana xx

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