Lana recommends: To All Men: Download ‘Love Translator’ by @MukhiSisters

Valentine’s is at the doors and I’ve just found out about THE solution for all men out there.  It is common knowledge that men and women don’t always get each other. In fact, sometimes it’s like we’re speaking two completely different languages.

I got extremely euphoric a couple of days ago when I found out that the Mukhi Sisters Jewelry decided to take matters into their own hands this year so that there won’t be some unhappy ladies out there spending their romantic evenings with a bunch of sad looking roses, some cheesy heart-shaped chocolate boxes and one confused boyfriend/husband who “thought” he understood his woman when she said “let’s just do something simple this year”!

They created “Love Translator”: a mobile application to help men understand the difference between what a woman says and what she really means. I believe every men needs that on his phone! When I heard about this application, a huge smile wouldn’t leave my face for at least half an hour. Genius idea girls!!

Dear men who are wondering how to get Valentine’s day right this year: all you have to do is type in what she says to get a direct translation from Female to English. And where words fail: click to Break the Language Barrier for a suggestion EVERY woman understands: definitely jewelry!!!!!

Check the below video for more information on this application:

Download Love Translator from App Store now on:


Good luck rocking Valentine’s day! And a huge bravo to the Mukhi Sisters. Make sure to drop by their boutique in Beirut Souks for more inspiration for your gifts.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx