Lana recommends: ThePlac.es

I have the great pleasure to introduce to you tonight a genius idea!!

I’m sure that every time you pick your travel destination, it’s not easy to figure out the right hotel for your stay, the best restaurant for dinner or the fanciest address for a great brunch. A new project called “ThePlac.es” is your solution!

ThePlac.es definitely takes travel guides to the next level! I like the fact that the website has chosen Ambassadors in every city who have exclusively select the best places.

These places can be gourmet restaurants and hot-dog stands, design hotels and luxury sleeps, underground clubs and cocktail bars. We are pleased to enhance your traveling experience.

Our website went live in mid of August and since then the user numbers have continuously been increasing. The website gives you the opportunity to create a personal profile and integrate it to Facebook.

ThePlac.es currently features 16 different cities around the globe, but will expand this list to 40 cities within the next 6 months.

I’ve already subscribed and believe me you HAVE TO! ThePlac.es is the website to log onto!


For further information: please contact Christian Sater, their Marketing Director at [email protected] or via phone: +49 151 11521499.

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx 

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