Lana recommends: Sara’s elegant corsets

Here’s to another must-have fashion item in your closets for Spring Summer 2012: the corset.

I’m sure you’re able to add a bit of sexy into your wardrobe and it might be about time. Corsets are significant of old-times glamour and with all the vintage fashion back in trend, it made it’s way up. The positive side of modern-day corset is that it is thankfully designed to fit your body comfortably while it smoothes the torso, cinches the waist and boosts the bosom.

Sara Moubarak is a very talented young lady that I’ve chose to recommend today. Sassy Ramono is the brand she recently created and for which she designs corsets, short dresses and evening gowns. Sara studied at Miami’s International Institute of Art and Design and now that she lives back in Beirut; she also gives classes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. It is a very active type of Yoga and as a yogi myself; I cannot wait to try it as well.

As for Sara’s creations, I wanted to shed a particular light today on the great work on details. You will particularly notice it with the light green/acqua corset below. As I’ve mentioned several times before, fashion is about revisiting classic pieces without necessarily going into opulence and this is what we love about Sassy Romona on L’Armoire De Lana.

You will be able to style these corsets in so many different ways (check the tips mentioned at the end of the posts).
Black corsets are classics; this is why I chose to start with this one. It will only complete your closet as it is extremely simple and it could be styled very easily.

black and nude corset

here's a closer look on the details

Sassy Ramono

The one you’re about to discover below is very original when it comes to its color and the mix of fabrics. I love how she used gold lace; this will look fabulous in Summer on tanned skins. The sheer tulle for the back of the corset only makes the piece sexier!

fabulous one!

focus on the details of the tailoring

I love how this part of the back of the corset is sheer

Styling tips:

Here are few examples of fitting corsets into your lifestyle, here are a two examples:

1. For a fabulous evening look, you can pair a corset with a well-fitting skirt and a statement necklace.

2. Another evening look could be about wearing your corset with cigarette pants, heavy round earrings and gorgeous stilettos.

3. One way of wearing a simple corset for a dazzling daytime look would be to layer it up with a v-neck cardigan or blazer and a pair of tight jeans. Wedges are perfect in there!

Hurry-up to check Sara’s fabulous corsets! In case you have other designs in mind, you can share them with her to custom-make your own piece! For more info, please call: +961 70 83 41 73.

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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  1. Yara Sulaiman

    I love those! The perfect thing to be found in a woman’s closet ( for those who can wear it)!