Lana recommends: Neon pumps

Summer sales are a great time of the year. Especially when you’re looking for something that is always turning up too expensive out there.

Personally, I was in search for a pair of neon pumps and honestly, I wasn’t finding anything that was interesting (comfy-wise and price-wise). Last week, I was in Downtown Beirut’s neighborhood and I decided to drop by a shop and take a look at few stores in case there was anything interesting at 50% off. And there my heart fell for these Miu Miu neon pink pumps!

Some of you might believe this is a crazy investment but you need to take my advice into account. Colored pumps never die in a closet and the neon trend will be ongoing for a while! Imagine this pair with a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a statement necklace..I’m excited already!

Fashionably yours, 

                             Lana xx

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5 Responses

    1. Dear Samar, the brand Miu Miu is actually available at all Aishti Department stores in Beirut! Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for !! xx

    1. Dear Amal, neon stays a trend this winter with famous shoe brands like Casadei for example that have loads of neon in their Winter collections! You can simply wear black pants with a white blouse and a dark blazer anda pair of neon shoes, it will look fab! Plus, it can transform the dark tones dresses you’d feel like wearing at night !! I hope I helped a bit :)))