Lana recommends: Magrabi’s Virtual Fashion Station

It can be quite irritating to have to head down to your local eyewear store every time you want to try on a new pair of glasses. How easier would it be to simply do all this from the comfort of your home? Today, I introduce to you a GENIUS idea that was recently launched on Magrabi Optical’s website. You can now try glasses online
Their page Virtual Fashion Station allows you to upload a picture of yourself (you can take a picture with your webcam, upload a picture from your computer or even log into your Facebook) and try on any sunglasses or spectacles available in Magrabi’s collection. You can even reposition the sunglasses or eyeglasses on your face, in order to have a better view of how they’d look on you.
Take a look at the pairs I’ve tried on the other day!
Last but not least, I am not saying it’s a perfect tool and I’m sure it works better when trying on spectacles rather than sunglasses. However, it does give you an overall idea of what you’d look like sporting the latest from Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana.
Check out Magrabi Optical’s website at http://www.magrabioptical.com/
PS: the colors on these pictures look over pigmented because these are screenshots!

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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