Lana recommends: How to (quickly) get back in shape

October knocked at our doors, there’s no way back. Summer is really over and it’s about time to be realistic and tackle those couple of extra kilos we’ve gained during the last three months.

It always happens to me during summer, I tend to be a little more indulgent on myself and exercising becomes a burden. This is why I thought to consult Georges Khoury, trainer and physiotherapist for few and got some quick tips about how to get back into the daily routine and eventually get your shape back the soonest. Christmas is only two months away (that is, great food!)..haha!!

1. Set Goals: once that is done, all you have to do is embrace the challenge. Think about what exactly you want to target for the next couple of months (number of kilos to lose, level of fitness to attain, etc.) make them weekly goals, win small goals to grab your ultimate prize.

2. Stop eating sugar & eat healthy: Once you stop all types of sugars, you’re already halfway there. Stop carbs after 5pm and eat a lot of vegetables and proteins. For sugar, stick to fruits.

3. Monitor fluids: say good-bue to sodas, wine and beer. Try sipping teas and infusions instead. I know, it’s not fun.

4. DRINK WATER: I guess this is explanatory enough. Aim at drinking two large bottles a day at least; this means lots of toilet breaks, but aids slimming down.

5. Workout 4 days a week: the more muscle mass you build, the more calories you will burn. Do not focus on the scale readings, an ounce of muscle is heavier than an ounce of fat. Tone those muscles and the thinner and leaner your figure will be.

6. Cardio at least 30-45 minutes 5 days/week: cycling on an exercise bike, walking on a treadmill, yoga – all are good low-impact exercises. Just make sure you move at a speed that is elevating your heart rate so you can keep on burning some fat. Mix in interval training for more calories burnt.

7. Don’t over exercise to avoid injuries: exercising 2h every day is not the wisest decision. Please try to always find a balance in everything you do.

8. Start slow: Use the first week to ease your body back into shape, then begin increasing intensity. Then, by the  6th week mark, you will be feeling fit.

When you’re tough on yourself, life becomes easy. ==> This is what Georges keeps on saying and it’s kind of stuck in my head!

Fashionably yours,

                         Lana xx

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