Lana recommends: How to eat after a late gym training

We all know that we should eat after a gym training but most of us only find the time to gym at the end of our super-packed days. Should we then eat a full meal when it’s so close to bedtime?

Food Pyramid (picture courtesy: webwhispering.net)

Georges El Khoury; trainer and specialist, answers our question:

1. Never go to bed with a stomach howling for food, because a good night sleep will serve you better in your quest to trim up!

2. A protein shake or a snack right after your workout will perfectly suffice when you get in.

3.Try to have an hour between your last bite and bedtime! That’s an extremely important point!

4. Remember that your metabolism slows down at night, and the contents of stuffed gut won’t be easily digested, so try to stay away from heavy foods.

5. You can try to satisfy your cravings with the food groups you skipped during the day; focus on vegetables and proteinsay away from carbs and sugars at night.

Few ideas: tuna salad, grilled steak with boiled asparagus, 2 spoons of low-fat labneh/yogurt with cucumbers, a protein shake, crab sticks and green salad. You can accompany of all these with an apple or 3 slices of grapefruit for ‘dessert’.

Summer is at the doors and it’s time to eat and train well to feel good in your skin!

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                                Lana xx

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