Lana recommends: Gucci’s love for Valentines

Almost ten days to go before Valentines! I think we all agree on the fact that it is one of the most commercial celebrations ever; nevertheless, one cannot but expect a little something from his love on that day. Women adore that and they’re not to be deceived! I’d advise all men to be thoughtful on that day, no matter how tiny their gesture is planned to be. There’s always something good behind showing a little bit of care and spoil your lovers. This goes as an advice for women too! You’re allowed to expect something only if you’re being as thoughtful!

After sharing with you Chanel’s and YSL’s goodies for Valentines, here’s today few items from Gucci’s valentines’ collection.

Love this bracelet

All of these and much more items from Gucci’s Valentines’ collection are available in Beirut Downtown’s store in case you heart felt for one of these!

Fashionably yours,  

                                 Lana xx 

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