Lana covers: L’Armoire De Lana wins Best Social Campaigning Magnet

Yesterday, I was glad to attend the first edition of the Social Media Awards at the Phenicia Hotel. I was shortlisted in the category of best fashion blog and I returned home with the best social campaigning magnet award. How awesome is that?!!!!!! My reward is YOU.
To be social leading appreciated is just something that leaves me out of words! I want to thank the ones who voted, rallied, called, inboxed, etc. It just feels so good.

I am lucky to be doing everyday something I love, something I am passionate about. Yesterday, at the ceremony, I also saw the positive effect I am having on many of you. It was just insane to talk to people I’ve never met and who believe in what I’m doing, sometimes more than I do!
Couple of days ago, I was having one of these typical sundays’ brunch with my friend Maria and we were discussing my campaigning for the SMA. I came to see that thanks to this competition, I was able to REALLY realize how many readers I have, how supportive people can be and how great is the love that I got from everyone around: my family, my friends, readers I know and others I’ve never met. This competition showed me the scale of the work I’ve been doing for the last two years.
Allow me to thank you ALL again and again!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you and your imagination and your love for L’Armoire De Lana, we won the best social campaigning magnet for the “I voted” campaign launched just last week. In my opinion, I won the public’s voice because on all the 32 categories, I have the best people following me who made me win that thing! YOU ROCK!!!!
Last but not least, an enormous round of applause for the forces behind the SMA: Mohamed Hijazi and Darine Sabbagh. You’ve done an amazing job!! Looking forward next year!!! and I will be very happy being listed in new categories best beauty blog, best fashion blog and best street style blogs, etc.
This was a successful first edition and there’s no doubt about a great continuity. Keep it up and don’t spare my help!

A special thank you to Sandra Bakhamian for the AMAZING illustrations for this campaign.
Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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