Lana Covers: Winner Rasha Rawwas visits C&F Hamra

Rasha Rawwas was the winner of our C&F Competition on L’Armoire De Lana. At the beginning of this week, Rasha dropped by C&F Hamra to use her $100 voucher. I was of course there to assist her. We had a really good time as Rasha is the type of person who already knows what she wants. We picked a volumising mascara (Maybelline), a deep pink blush, a natural pink lipstick (Revlon), an eyeshadow quatuor (Revlon) for day looks, a set of eyeshadows for evening outings (Bourjois) a concealer (Bourjois) and a very natural and light foundation (Maybelline). I think it was a great experience to be there assisting Rasha in her shopping and sharing with her my opinion on certain products in order for her to make the best purchases. I hope to meet more of you very soon!

Rasha Rawwas

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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