Lana covers: Tsumori Chisato’s Fashion Show #FW14 – #PFW

First, allow me to start this post with a very warm thank you to Piaff Boutique for sending me the invite to cover Tsumori Chisato‘s #FW14 fashion show, it’s always a pleasure taking a closer look to a designer’s work. Nothing equals the feeling of trepidation the few minutes before the beginning of a fashion, it’s incredible. I could hardly find the right words to describe it!

Oriental notes mixed with occidental rules appear to definitely be next’ winter’s major trends. I loved how the music of Chisato’s show was all about up-beat sounds mixed with Aladdin’s soundtrack. A dreamy combo.

This show was explosive in colors and I’ve rarely seen that much fabrics and textures so perfectly mixed. It was beautiful rainbow, so pleasant to the eyes. I spotted loads of bright yellow, green, red, blue and fuchsia. All of these were nicely matched with some tartan print and different faces illustrated by the use of fabrics.

As for the main cuts, oversized sweaters took over the catwalk with extremely larges sleeves, creating beautiful curves. Pleated skirts were also numerous. My best part of the collection is definitely the metallics on coats, what a wonderful way of highlighting her work.

Little hats, small clutches in the form of bananas and peep-toe ankle boots worn with white socks took my back in time. It never hurts to travel back throughout the year where fashion fed the souls.

Got to fall in love with the lovely little giveaway! A pretty dotted shopping bag!

Got to fall in love with the lovely little giveaway! A pretty dotted shopping bag!

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx