LEZEM Fashion Show

Here’s to an event I unfortunately couldn’t attend but I insisted on having a coverage about on L’Armoire De Lana. We’re very happy to have our dearest contributing editor Sara Samad, back to writing posts on the blog. Enjoy her coverage of LEZEM fashion show.

Last month, Lebanese fashion icons and celebrities alike gathered at St. George to witness a fashion show for a cause. Organized by a youth-driven non-profit called LEZEM, the event tackled issues in Lebanese society through fashion: the show featured non-conventional models wearing socially conscious fashion.What is socially conscious fashion, you may ask.  Socially conscious fashion is when a dress is capable of telling a story.  Like film, art, and music, fashion was transformed by the LEZEM team and designers into a medium capable of telling a story: a story of the troubles and controversies of our society and everyday lives.

Several renowned designers contributed to the worthy cause that donated all proceeds to NGO Basma and Zeitouna.  Cherine Khadra for example, collaborated with renowned street artist Yazan Halwani and designed a dress that addressed sectarianism, which is now on display in her Saifi boutique.


Jean-Louis Sabaji designed two stunning confections: one portraying a bomb, as the model walked down the runway to the sounds of Beirut, while the other addressed racism, representing the sea with a sign appearing behind the model saying “Water Has No Color.” Jill Bonica Chatilla & Dana Mneimne designed a minimal utilitarian piece tackling the issue of road safety while Sanaa Ayoub reused material to produce a beautiful colorful outfit raising awareness to the current environmental situation in the country. Other designers featured were Alia Zaki, Paula K Naaman (Domestic violence against women and children), Bashar Assaf (Racism), Chrystelle Atallah (Civil Rights), and Sara Melki (Sectarianism). In addition to the fashion show, there was a poetry performance by Walad and dance by Lyne Ghandour.

You can see more photos from the Lezem fashion show here. Also, make sure to like their page on Facebook to keep up with their updates.

Thank you Sara for this coverage. I have to say my personal favorite piece from the show is the dress created by Cherine Khadra in collaboration with Yazan Halawani. An exquisite piece! Can’t wait for more activities by LEZEM and I look forward participating.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx