Lana covers: Lebanon’s cutest supporters

Today is THE day. Lebanon is all going crazy; whether in the offices, on the streets or on all social media platforms. I can’t but post a little something to wish the best of luck to our National Team; I hope our country will make it through. It makes me smile when there’s something like that that comes in and unify all of us. Is sport a solution to heal us? If yes, then let it be!

As everything is fashion oriented on L’Armoire De Lana. I want to share with you these pictures of the cutest and most fashionable supporters that Lebanon could ever find for the country!

Dressed in Zara red pants and H&M tops, my baby cousins made it all right from Congo, in Africa to show some support! I’m in love!

Julia, Thalia and Noelle


Notice how cute their hair clips are and the little flags on their cheeks were made using a red Sephora lipstick with a green Maybelline Eyeliner to draw the cedar.

Julia Slaibi

Noelle El Sahely

Thalia Slaibi

Aren’t they the most gorgeous little things you’ve ever seen?

Anything you’ve done to support the team that you’d like to share with us? Don’t hesitate!

GO LEBANON! Make us proud 🙂


                     Lana xx

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