Lana covers: “House of today” by Cherine Maghrabi

On May 29th, I had the pleasure to be invited to attend “Confessions”; the first event at House Of Today by Cherine Magrabi. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, House of Today is a platform created by Cherine Magrabi in order to bring a network of Lebanese traditional craftsmen together as well as a variety of local designers, visual artists and much more. The combination is perfect as it brings together art, craft and design.

House Of Today: Artisanal Platform by Cherine Magrabi

The first event was a real success as all the attendees enjoyed welcome drinks and small bouchees while having a good time in the beautiful garden of Villa El Zein in downtown Beirut and taking a look at all the exposed creations.

Most of the people even shopped for some of the great artwork on display

Loved how every creation had a very beautiful short text explaining everything behind it

Really liked this set by Nada Debs

Loved it!

the bird house

LOVED these cups and how each one of them hides a little message

Mirror with flowers' petals and each has a different word on it with degrees of love

the most fashionable cocktail sticks one could think of!!!

The organizers were right choosing Villa El Zein as a location!

such a blissful place

You have to check the place out! I think it’s such a great initiative because Lebanese artists and craftsmen really deserve such a space to boost their work.

For more information, please check: www.house-of-today.com

Fashionably yours, 

                          Lana xx

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